Amazing game characters artist shows the magic behind video games design

43.1K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 22/05/2017

Video games programming world be nothing without great animators or artists and today's viral news is about the amazing works of Russian game artist Artem Artificial gamers!

As a pro artist Artem Artificial has created during the years a lot breath-taking fan arts based on really famous video games franchise such as Deus Ex, Fallout and Wasteland and today, after redditor KindaGoodPainter posted one his work, the game community went crazy his Nick Valentine portrait you can see below!

As a matter of fact we have to remember that the video game industry is the result of a combination of many talents and artists are unfortunately often left behind so it is a real pleasure to seem them get the recognition they really deserve! If you wanna see all the wonderful concept art created by Artem Artificial you can always visit his artstation account here gamers: artificial000

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