Artist set Assassin's Creed in Japan through his concept art works and then something incredible happened to him!

By Peter Galvagno - 11/01/2018

Video games can be set everywhere in space or time and an amazing franchise such as Assassin's Creed has shown us that moving around in history can be really appealing and educational! Today's viral news is dedicate to a series of outstanding art works that set the legacy of Assassins to the far east gamers!

Assassin's Creed is surely one of the most famous action video game series ever and the one that has travelled the most around the globe too!

Jerusalem, Istanbul, Rome, Paris, London, Havana, New Orleans, Boston and many more cities have been explored by the game during the years and now thanks to the talented digital artist Vin Hill Assassin's Creed is ready to seal toward Japan!

Called by the artist himself Assassin's Creed Rising Sun, this fictional new chapter of the series is set in the main cities of Japan as Kyoto, Osaka and of course Tokyo.

Vin not only drawed these amazing concept art that look totally legit, but it also spend a while to do some research and provvide an appealing back story to his fan made project:

"Set during the Meiji restoration in 1868, the samurai were dispersed and a national implemented with a large influence from Western traders such as the united states. With this, the old styled Japan was moved very rapidly into the future with the introduction of an armed forces with firearms. To complete the restoration the new emperor moved the capital from Kyoto to Edo (Now named Tokyo) where the traditional Japan was being lost very quickly. This is the stage in which Assassin's Creed5: RS is set. The player would travel from Kyoto to Osaka then finally to Tokyo where the modernization of japan increases from one city to the next. The main character is a Samurai whom is tied to the Assassin’s Clan, a clan which guards a secret brought from across the sea many years before. The Templars from America and Europe have come to find the secret, influencing the clan heads to disperse and change while and the Assassin guardians struggle to find out who is responsible and take out the newly formed Templars whom are drastically trying to find the secret which is hidden in the land of the rising sun. The restoration is but a backdrop to this truth…"

Vin work was noticed by many and among them authority websites such as IGN,Kotaku and dedicated extensive post about it and that was just the beginning. Due the amazing work you can admire here gamers now Vin has been offered a full time position at UBISOFT Osaka! An incredible story with a really inspiring ending!


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