Aztec PC discovered along with its keyboard and mouse!

78.3K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 09/10/2017

Humanity has achieved great accomplishments thanks to our adaptation skills and scientific knowledge gathered through millennials and today we are going the answer the question: What an ancient aztecs PC would have looked like gamers???

Well maybe build a PC in the year 1000 wasn't an easy task but thanks to Mr. Dan McGrath we now know what a cool Aztec PC case looks through his incredible project we can see here!

The amount of detail is really impressive. Not only Dan made his custom Level 10 GT case outstanding but he put some serious effort on the keyboard and the mouse as well, making them matching the case perfectly! One of the most eye-catching PC customization ever realized in ancient time, well at least for the Tech world as the project is from 2012 and if you wanna take a closer look into this masterpiece just spend a minute to watch the video linked below!

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