This Incredible Backpack PC Will Immerse You Into VR Like You've Never Done Before!

By Peter Galvagno - 15/01/2018

VR technology seems to be the future of gaming and even though the field it is just in its early stage day by day new and amazing VR gaming tools pop ups everywhere making the dream of living into a video game even more realistic! Today's viral gaming news is all about the only Backpack you will need into your next VR adventure!

VR history is much longer than many people think as the first Virtual Reality device was developed back in the 1950s called the "Experience Theatre"!

Almost 70 years later VR technology has improved a lot and has come back in style thanks to the really successful HTC Vive VR gear. In order to enjoy a really immersive VR experience a really powerful PC is needed and of course the total freedom of movement is mandatory as well. It is really possible to combine the 2 of them so easily? Now yes thanks to the unbeliavable VR ONE PC developed by MSI! Put on the Backpack PC, wear your VR gear and you are ready to explore the VR world freely! Such a simple and amazing idea show us a really bright future for VR gaming!


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