This Amazing Blade Of Exile From God Of War Will Give You The Power To Fight Any Enemy Back!

By Peter Galvagno - 16/01/2018

Action is the most popular and favourite video games genre among gamers all over the world and obviously an amazing series such as God of War is a really good example of what an action game should really looks like! Today's gamers we are going to show you a weapon that only a true warrior can handle. The Blades of Exile!

Released back in 2005, the first God of War title introduced into the gaming world one of the most badass character ever, the spartan warrior Kratos, and his incredible adventures in the ancient greek mythology.

Introduced in God of War III, the Blades of Exile were the third and last set of chained blades that were wielded by Kratos and were given to him by the Astral Form of Athena. A really devastating weapon that now is available even in our world thanks to the amazing work made by artist Josh Hendershot, also known as BlastReplicas, specialized into video games weapons replicas of course!

The Blade of Exile made by him is absolutely stunning and full of detailes as you can see from the photos above and if you wanna see more about this great artist please, visit his official Instagram page here gamers! BlastReplicas


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