These Halloween carved Pumpkins gaming art will blow your mind!

110.6K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 13/10/2017

Halloween is near gamers and if you are looking for some inspiration for decorating your house today's viral gaming news is perfect for you! Here we go the most impressive Pumpkin carving art ever!

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays around and the only one that combines harvest festivals with the worship of the dead. One of the symbol of this ancient festival is of course the traditional Jack-o'-lanterns, a carved vegetable lantern that seems was created for the first time in New Zealand by the Maori over 700 years ago!

After almost a thausand years Jack-o'-lanterns are still among us and there is one artist who has taken them to the next level. His name is Alex Wer and by looking at these wonderful carved Pumpkins, well, you can understand why he is also known as "The Pumpkin Geek"! Mr. Wer is an award-winning artist and his pumpink art insprired by the video games world and other pop culture icons are pretty famous on the web and if you are curious to see the entire collection you can admire it at the following link gamers!

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