Artist Who Surely Loves Chilling And Gaming Creates The Most Amazing Coffee Table Ever!

By Peter Galvagno - 28/12/2017

Christmas day has just gone but the Christmas spirit is still alive and kicking so, if you are on vacation and you are enjoying some good gaming sessions with your friends and family today's viral news is perfect for you! Here we go the coolest 8-bit Retro Gaming Table ever gamers!

As many of you have already noticed, this incredible handmade coffee table created by BohemianWorkbench is a perfect giant wooden replica of the iconic NES controller and there's a lot more to say about this gaming marvel.

The NES table itself is really stylish conbining different woods such as maple, walnut and mahogany and its glass top make it the best surfice for beers :P

But this outstanding piece of forniture isn't just pretty as the buttons on it work fo real too so If you wanna really impress your friends at the next party gamers, this gem should do the trick!


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