This incredible Megaman cosplay costume is so affordable you won't believe it is true!

By Peter Galvagno - 30/11/2017

Everybody loves some good cosplay and we are sure that this Megaman costume will please a lot of gamers out there but what's really incredible about today's gaming viral news is how cheap this one was to make!

We are all used to see quite expensive cosplay costume that surely manage to stand out but when there's a lack of money the only way to compensate is surely a ton of talent, as the case of Stoosh Costuming & Cosplay, a talented artist who can create wonderful gaming apparel with very little money!

As absurd as it could seems the badass Megaman costume you are admiring above has been made with an investment of just 50$!!! How is it even possible? Well combining some EVA foam, sharpie, protein containers, laundry bin lids, bike helmet liner, LED lights, wife's nail polish and 10 hours of work here we go one of the best Megaman cosplay ever made!

There's not the first time that Mr. Stoosh amaze the internet with his creation and if you wanna see more about this great on budget cosplayer take few minutes and visit his Instagram account at the following link gamers! @stoosherman

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