Fall In Love With this amazing Aloy cosplay!

By Peter Galvagno - 15/11/2017

Great games needs amazing cosplays and if Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best title on PS4 this Aloy cosplay we are going to show you today is surely one of the best tribute to the game you can find on the web!

Posted just a couple of days ago on Reddit this amazing Aloy cosplay from Horizon Zero Dawn game has captured the attentions of the gamers community really fast and we all know that behind a huge success there's always a huge talent!

This time behind Aloy costume there's the beautiful Russian model and dancer Anastasya Zelenova, also a professional cosplayer who can easily transform herself into any female action hero thanks to her extremely fit body!:D If you are into cosplay and you are looking for inspiration don't forget to visit her official instagram page here at anastasyazelenova viral gamers!

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