Here's the best, the sexiest and deadliest Tracer cosplay ever!

By Peter Galvagno - 24/11/2017

FPS represent the best selling video game genre nowadays and that's is surely on of the reasons behind the overwhelming success of Blizzard's Overwatch title. Today's viral gaming news is, of course, all about the most outstounding Tracer cosplay of the web gamers!

The Tracer is one of the most favourite heroes among Overwatch playable characters, especially due her excellent mobility and high single target damage she can deliver.

The wonderful cosplay we are admiring today has been created by the beautiful and talented Katerina Kosnitskaya also known as Hoteshi! Katerina is a pro in the world of cosplay and during the years she has created really detailed costumes from the anime, cartoon and of course gaming world and if you are really curious to see some of her recent projects here we have her official Instagram page link gamers!: @KaterinaKosnitskaya

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