Why My Waluigi cosplay Is Better Than Yours!

By Peter Galvagno - 6/11/2017

Villains are always scary and vicious and today's viral gaming news is all about a really badass cosplay based on Luigi nemesis: Here we go the sneaky Waluigi gamers!

This skinny and greedy character appeared for the first time as a playable character in Mario Party 3 and as many of you have already guessed it right he seems to be linked to Wario but they are not relatives at all!

A cool villain such as Waluigi surely needs a great cosplay to be represented as the wonderful one you can admire above! Behind that ugly face there's a really talented cosplayer, Mr. Mick Ignis who decided to show everybody why his Waluigi costume is the best around thanks to a perfect physical resemblance with the game character and a pro make up work!

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