These Ancient tribal masks confirm the existence of Crash Bandicoot!

By Peter Galvagno - 08/12/2017

Gaming started way back in time than we could have ever imagined and we still keep finding proof that confirms that such as these incredible Aku-aku and Uka-Uka masks from Crash Bandicoot we are going to show you today gamers!

Crash Bandicoot saga is for sure one of the most exciting and funny platformer out there even released by Sony and that's especially true because of its colorful scenerios and great characters such as Crash & Co.!

But when the epic adventure of Crash started? They take place in Wumpa Islands, an archipelago situated to the south of Australia, a land full of mysteries and Myths as the ancient tribal masks of Aku-Aku and Uka-Uka!

As many fans of the series already know Aku-Aku is a benevolent Tiki sorcerer spirit trapped in a wooden mask who helps Crash in his journey to stop the Evil plan of the sneaky Dr. Cortex who also own a devilish Tiki mask himself possesed by the evil spirit of Uka-Uka!
Thanks to the creativity of an incredible artist such OssmannReplicas now everyone can have a Tiki spirit mask to guide us through life at home! Which side will you choose? If you interested to purchase one of these wonderful replicas here we go the official link the the artist's page gamers!: OssmannReplicas

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