Artists turn Cuphead into a retro pixel classic and the result is absolutely epic!

By Peter Galvagno - 10/12/2017

Indie games can become a true sensation by bringing back ideas from the past under a new light and that's surely the case of the wonderful Arcade Run & Gun title Cuphead!
The game has become famous due its amazing hand drawn animation but what if Cuphead was released years ago on a 16 bit game system? what would it look like? luckly for us 2 talented pixel artists has already answered this question gamers!

Created by the incredible pixel artists brothers Alberto and Dani, also known as DYA Games, this incredible 16 bit portrait of Cuphead looks totally legit as it truly seems to come straight out from the 90's!

The Pixel duo are pro pixel art animators and they have even realized some amazing games so far so, if you wanna see by yourself their incredible work gamers, please pay a visit to their official website at the following link!

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