Artist Paints His Mini NES In Perfect 80s Style And The Result Is Absolutely Bangin!

By Peter Galvagno - 13/01/2018

The 80's was a memorable decade for gaming and Nintendo was surely the main protagonist back in days thanks to its cutting edge game Super Mario Bros! Today gamers we are going to show you an incredible Custom NES that combines video game icon with 80s retro futuristic neon art!

The NES was the first home gaming system released by Nintendo in 1983 and it was the device that shifted the attention of gamers from Arcade to console gaming once and for all.

With more than 60 million units sold the NES is of the most successful gaming console ever and even its modern reincarnation, the Mini NES, was an overwhelming sensation selling almost 3 million units under a year!

Nostalgia was surely the main reason behind the popularity of the Nintendo Classic Mini and speaking about nostalgia, the amazingly bright and unique 80s version of the tiny console you can admire here has been painted by Mr. Clifford Keddy from Canada, also known as CKSIGNS, a pro artist who creates such amazing custom consoles that they are a feast for the eyes! Don't forget to folow this incredible customizer on his official instagram page here gamers! @cksigns1


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