A custom Half-Life themed Dreamcast combines the best of gaming in one place!

By Peter Galvagno - 18/11/2017

The gaming world is full of treasures and of course some of them are more rare than others just like the iconic Sega Dreamcast that, in spite of its short career, it is still considered one of the best gaming console ever and today's viral news is dedicated to a specicustom edition that celebrate this masterpiece and one of the best FPS ever. Here we go the Half-Life themed Dreamcast gamers!

Created by the famus French Graphic Artist & painter Vadu Amka, this unique Dreamcast console was commissioned by Culture Games, the company that took care of the packaging for the game Half-Life on Dreamcast as final prize for a competition based on the game itself!

The project, as many fans of Half-Life game series have already noticed, took inspiration from Gordon Freeman's suit colors and his inseparable crowbar. A true gem in the realm of custom game console indeed!

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