Now you can have the real functional Overwatch Tracers Gun Of Your Dreams!

By Peter Galvagno - 09/11/2017

A real gunslinger need the best weapon to get rid of enemies fast and if you are an Overwatch addicted like us today's viral gaming news will literally shock you gamers! Here we go the fully functional Tracer Pulse Gun!

The tracers gun is a well know tool among Overwatch fans as they are small, fast and deadly. Such a weapon is surely something that nobody espects to see in the near future... Well as incredible as it sounds thanks to a lot of creativity and a really good basis in electronic knowledge the Tracer Pulse Gun in now a reality!

Created by Patrick Priebe, founder of LaserGadget, not only this weapon is a perfect replica of the Overwatch Tracers Gun but it is also capable to fire real laser and pulse beams! We are not talking about a collectible or toy here as this Tracers Gun replica is a really dangerous weapon. As officially declared by the manufacturer himself the gun cannot be used outside any under circumstances as he deny any responsability for the damage the owner could cause. A fascinating yet really scary gaming gadget!

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