How To Deal With a very bad zombie Gameboy invasion!

By Peter Galvagno - 30/10/2017

Every kind of horrific monsters can appear during Halloween and from the upside down video game dimension the Zombie Gameboy creatures are surely the cutest one gamers!

For all the 90's kids the Gameboy was surely a terrific handheld console but not so many know how terryfing this tiny gaming gem could become near Halloween, well at least that's what modder Kodykoala was thinking about when created this amazing eerie piece of art!

Inspired by the iconic Gameboy from Captain N cartoon, the custom zombie Gameboy is one of the most creative mod we ever seen and one was already sold to a mysterious avid game art collector for a hundred bucks! Is it possible that some crazy villan is preparing a ZombieBoys invasion for the upcoming Halloween? In that case the best way to deal with it would be following our incredible gaming news here at VGN!

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