This custom painted Gamecube represent gaming art at its finest!

By Peter Galvagno - 07/12/2017

There are Video game consoles that have made the hystory of gaming and surely the Tiny but powerful Gamecube is one of them! Today viral news is all about an incredible custom Nintendo Gamecube console that will blow your mind gamers!

Released back in 2001 the Gamecube was the first Nintendo console to use optical discs and with 21.74 million units sold one of the best selling ever as well!

The Gamecube is still considered today a true gaming gem and the unique version we are showing you today is probably the best customization ever made on the sixth generation Nintendo's console!

Commissioned to the great artist Zoki64 this Gamecube is a tribute to the wonderful Zelda Twilight Princess title of course! Combining gold and silver painting with an outstanding amounts of details this custom console can be easily considered a true and really valuable treasure for any video games collector!

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