OMG! The best Horizon Zero Dawn Bow ever!

By Peter Galvagno - 07/11/2017

The life of a video game hero is pretty difficult and full of dangers. Monsters to kill, worlds to save and in order to get the job done a really good set of weapons is surely needed and today gamers we are going to show you a perfect replica of the silent and deadly Bow from Horizon Zero Dawn game!

Behind this amazing Bow there are Neo Tokyo Project, famous for they realistic cosplay costumes and Repla, a company specialized into crafting fictional weapons through 3D printing and old school painting!
The 2 companies joined forces together to bring to life an excellent Aloy character cosplay as commissioned by PlayStation Asia as part of their official promotional campaign for Horizon Zero Dawn title!

To complete this incredible Bow took more than 200 hours of vaporing, sanding, priming and modeling everything from scratch!

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