These ancient gaming tools prove that Nintendo is much older than we thought!

By Peter Galvagno - 29/11/2017

Video games history started long time ago when all we knew was just 8bit graphics and sounds... But what if gaming started even further back in time? Today's viral news is all about some really ancient and very cool Nintendo artifacts gamers!

Videogames are surely an evolution of ancient games and surely our ancestors would be amazed by technology nowadays but in a different dimension seems that Nintendo has started to create games during the Iron age!

No, we are not talking about a sensational archaeological discovery today but a wonderful work of art created by our friend Scott also known as IgnisFatuusBooks! Based on York, UK, this really talented artist is specialized, as unbelievable as it sounds, into realize handmade Nintendo's gaming console using real metal!

The replicas you can admire here are a perfect match with the originals and are obviously fully functional and the controller are comes out with their own USB cable as well! There gaming treasures can be purchased from Scott official Etsy page at the following link gamers: IgnisFatuusBooks

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