Are you Addicted to Minecraft? Here we go the best Minecraft PC ever!

By Peter Galvagno - 28/11/2017

Indie games have brought into the videogame market some freshness that surely has been really appreciated by gamers and the outstanding success of Minecraft is the proof! Today's most viral gaming news is all about the Indie game masterpiece and the incredible gaming PC dedicated to it!

Assembled back in 2015 by a 3D video game artist at Microsoft, Mr. Spencer Kern, the "Redstone" is one of the coolest Minecraft PC tribute ever and not only because the custom vinyl pixel art that covers its case.

The cubic Minecraft PC got some eerie red lights inside, some custom storage labels and a miniature version of Steve lurking inside! Obviously Spencer didn't stop just with the case but he also personalized with a Minecraft theme the keyboard, the mouse, a pair of headphones and even a Xbox One Gamepad with the relative mini keypad!

How powerful this ultra-cool custom PC is? Well the Redsone is an 8.5in cube that got inside a Gigabyte GA-H97N WIFI Mini-ITX motherboard with an EVGA GTX 750Ti graphics card! PC gaming art at its finenest indeed!

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