This colorful custom NES will take you back to your childhood days!

By Peter Galvagno - 21/10/2017

Ah the good old days! When everything was simplier and funnier but who said that those wonderful days couldn't come back again? To let your inner child out gamers today at VGN we are going to show you a colorful and badass NES mod that will fill your heart with happines!

Created by Ultimate Customs, this retro gem combine two legends into a retro masterpiece: The Classic NES with the best game ever developed on the system, Super Mario Bros. 3! Not only this gorgeous and unique NES got a wonderful skin but it also hide some secrets too! Everytime the lid is opened the desert music theme from the game start and blue leds lights start to blink altogheter! Let's go to see this marvel in action in the video linked below!

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