This Amazing Custom Goonies NES Will Make You Desire To Live In The 80s!

By Peter Galvagno - 08/01/2018

It is said that 80s never dies and considering how successful an 80s tv show tribute such as Stranger Things nowadays is the statment must be true! Today we are going back in time when before Stranger Things there was the Gooonies and Before Nintendo Switch there was the iconic NES gamers. Here we go the custom Goonies NES!

If you are not familiar with 80s classic movies you have to know that the Goonies is a true masterpiece of the adventure genre released back in 1985.
From a gamer prospective the 80s mean 8bit amazing games and of course the most popular gaming console during the decade was the tiny NES and the amazing specimen you can admire above is one-of-a-kind created by the console customizer CustomNesGuy! This gem has already been sold but for true gaming treasures hunters there's always the opportunity to get one by asking directly to its talented creator! CustomNesGuy


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