The Devastator: an evil Computer that will scare your neighbourhood and their PCs!

By Peter Galvagno - 18/10/2017

All PC gamers have one big purpose in life, the ultimate power, especially when the power consist of an ultra-badass gaming PC that seems coming from a distant future just like the "Devastator" we are going to show you today!

This amazing custom PC is inspired by the 80's Japanese/American Anime Transformers and it surely got all the devastating power of a vicious decepticon within! Assembled by Mr. Wehr Wolf, the "Devastator" is just one of a series of robotic-inspired amazing PCs this talented modder has created during the years as an official member of the Bit-Tech Forum. Where all this creativity comes from? According to him just "a couple of days" some “parts of machines and tools” and something like "a liter of vodka” are needed to finish such futuristic masterpiece!

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