This SNES headphones are a retro gaming treasure and they even work for real!

By Peter Galvagno - 03/12/2017

The gaming world is full of surprise and sometimes the best surprises come from the past as this incredible pair of custom SNES headphones that you will totally love gamers!

As a true 90's icon the SNES is one of the best selling console ever and ever after 27 years after its release it is still considered one of the best gaming systems ever by many!

What happens when the SNES meets a pair of headphones? Well the best pair of gaming headphones are born of course! Assembled by modder liberty5 these wonderful headphones got directional buttons on the left side and control buttons on the right side as the storic Super Nintendo controller. What is is really amazing here is that these headphones allow you more than just hearing some music through them as they are even a fully functional Bluetooth controller ready to rock your favourite retro classic games!

Own such a retro treasure would be awesome and if you are not afraid of electronics you can always watch the SNES headphone full tutorial linked below and create one pair by yourself gamers!

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