Everything You Wanted to Know About Steampunk PCs and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask!

By Peter Galvagno - 18/11/2017

Everything can turn into fine art with the right mindset and a little bit of creativity! Today's viral news is all about an incredible PC that seems to come from another dimension where technology took a different route. Here we go The Sojourner Steampunk PC gamers!

The world of PC modding is full of marvels and the incredible PC we are going to show you today is surely one of the most amazing creation you can find out there! Inspired by the Steampunk science fantasy The Sojourner PC is the latest project by Richard "Doc" Nagy from Datamancer , a company specialized into assembling badass Steampunk tech gadgets.

The Sojourner PC is crafted in polished brass and is a tribute to the Victorian Era and even though all this amazing tech treasure aren't cheap at all we are pretty sure that all collectors out there are already thinking about a classy Steampunk calculator to put under the Christmas Tree for sure!

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