Ecto green slime Ghostbusters 2 NES cartridge is the dream of every video games collector

55.9K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 09/05/2017

The NES is one of the most successful gaming system ever created with more than 60 million units sold worldwide and we are pretty sure that many of you probably still have one of more cartriges from this tiny 8 bit masterpiece somewhere at home and today's viral news is dedicated to a cool custom NES cartridge that has shocked the web during the last few hours gamers!

Posted on reddit by user EloeOmoe, this amazing Ghostbusters 2 cartridge is filled with Ecto green slime, a well known substance by wannabe ghostbusters, that is also happen to be able to glow-in-the-dark!

Never heard about this badass cartridge before? Well that's not a surprise at all and now we are going to unveil some mysteries together. Even though the cartrige has become popular only today, its photos have been around for a while as it is a custom project made by the talented designer known as Mr. Wizard!

If you are curious to see other incredible custom works from him just pay a visit to his official facebook page Mr. Wizard Reproductions and, if you are an avid NES cartridges collector, take your chance to ask for a unique custom copy of your favourite game as well!

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