The colorful world of XBox custom controllers!

Peter Galvagno - 10/04/2017

Gamers fall in love fast with their favorite gaming system and when love become a long time relationship a step forward into customization is mandatory so today's viral news chosen by you gamers is obviously about the colorful world of XBox custom controllers!

Microsoft's consoles counts millions of fans wordwide and when a brand become so successful it also become the perfect board for modifications to make them really unique.
Speaking of beautiful and appealing aesthetic modification a business that has managed to capture the attention of many is without a doubt the ControllerPlus, creators of the really cool custom projects you can see above!
This Texan company is specialized into all gaming systems controllers modification giving to their customers the possibility to create an amazing controller choosing among dozen of styles and applying any gaming logo to them.
If you were about to make your Player 1 controller really stand up during matches against your friends it's high time to pump it up gamers!

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