This Amazing Dark Souls Cosplay Will Give You Shivers!

By Peter Galvagno - 22/01/2018

In a world of colorful and childish casual games Dark Souls seems to be pure madness and as a matter of fact, it is! The game is hard but really rewarding as well once you master its mechanics and today gamers we are going to show you an amazing cosplay to celebrate this wonderful action Rpg!

Released back in 2011, Dark Souls showed gamers the hard side of gaming with its very challenging battles and dungeons. In spite of being a really challenging game, Dark Souls became really popular and even other 2 chapter was released.

As a classic Action RPG, Dark Souls allow players to choose from several classes as the warrior, Knight, bandit, thief and many more in order to enter a world filled with any sort of vicious enemies!

The really dangerous world of Dark Souls would be impossible to survive in without the support of a key character such as the Fire Keeper, an enigmatic woman who will help you through your journey letting your character to level up in exchange of souls.
The amazing cosplay tribute to the Fire Keeper character from Dark Souls 3 you can admire here gamers has been created by the beautiful Russian model Eugenia, also known as Niamash! The quality of her costume and make up is just incredible and the photoshoot by photograpehr EVA in absolutely outstanding! If you wanna see more of this great cosplayer, please don't forget to follow her on Instagram! @niamashina


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