This Dark Souls + Cuphead parody will make you laugh at every death!

By Peter Galvagno - 25/11/2017

In the era of casual mobile gaming seems crazy to talk about really difficult games such as Dark Souls and the recent indie gem Cuphead, but yet they have managed to become incredibly successful in spite of the odds. Why? Because let's face it, real gamers love to curse! Today viral news is all about a really funny parady that combine the obscure wold of Dark Souls and the 30's comedy of Cuphead. Here we go Cupsouls!

Posted just few hours ogo on Youtube, the Cupsouls animation video has already become really popular making people laugh about 2 of the most frustrating games ever made!

When Cuphead came out it was shortly after compared to the Dark Souls saga due its diffucult levels and of course the recurring joke has inspired the youtube channel 64 Bits, specialized in gaming parodies, to dedicate an episode to a weird game called Cupsouls by combining the 2 titles! Get angry and frustrated about a game used to be normal back in the days but what about the new generation of gamers? Maybe someone has become too soft playing Candy Crash Saga?

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