"DarkSiders 3" facts that will make you love this action masterpiece

5.9K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 06/05/2017

Action adventure video games are the most appreciated genre among gamers so it is easy to understand why the announcement about the arrival of the wonderful hack and slash DarkSiders 3 title has become viral in no time and today we are going to discuss about the reasons why this gem should be part of your games collection!

This time is all about girl power with the lethal and beautiful Fury as main character of the game and sister of Death and War. Not a peaceful family for sure! She is a powerful mage and of course one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse who adore to destroy her enemies with her long red whip.

In DarkSiders 3 your goal will be to set the Earth free from the Seven Deadly Sins that have take over the planet. You will have to fight each of them that will appear as bosses throughout the game.

During her quest Fury will be able to unlock her true potential allowing her to transform herself into different forms that will add some spice to the game and more strategies to count on during challenging battles.

Thanks to the gameplay reveal video released yesterday from IGN we can see DarkSiders 3 in all its glory early on even though in order to play the final release of the game, that will come out for PS4, XBox One and PC, we will have to wait until 2018.

A great game indeed that has already shown its true potential and if you are a fan of the series and of good old school fast and brutal action, this is the game for you!

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