Easter eggs hidden in "The Dark Tower" trailer: Can you spot them all?

114K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 30/04/2017

He is one of the most successful and prolific writer of our time and his novels have been adapted into successful movies as well and now one of his most appreciated work ever is going to enter the realm of Hollywood really soon: The Dark Tower by Stephen King!

The Dark Tower first trailer just came out yesterday and it has already became viral, transporting fans into a breathtaking adventure where Tom Taylor, an 11 years old, has discovered the existence of another dimension known as the Mid-World. Tom researches leads him into the Mid-World and meet Roland Deschain, an expert gunslinger, who is on a quest to reach a place called the "Dark Tower" located in the End-World where he will have to step into the nexus point between time and space and by doing so, save all the dimensions at once. Tom joins Roland in his mission that soon will become really dangerous due the apparition of a really powerful evil sorcerer named Walter Padick that will try to stop the two of them at all cost.

The Stephen King universe is really vast one indeed , so vast actually to be able to contain all his characters and make them interact with each other in some subtle ways as shown by some Easter eggs hidden into The Dark Tower trailer! Without spoiling anything you will sure notice in the trailer a scene where Tom, while wandering around in a dark forest, he find an eerie place with floating ballons and a sign that reads Pennywise on it...

This one could be harder to find. A photo on the psychiatrist's desk shows The Overlook Hotel, where the Shining story takes place.

The last one is quick and can be spotted by really attentive fans only. The evil sorcerer in a scene tap on a wall where a graffiti says: ""All hail The Crimson King". The Crimson King is a recurring character in King's work. Being able to transform himself into anything, we saw him in stories like Insomnia and Black House, while he seems to have connection with Randall Flagg as well, the devilish villain from The Stand.

If you are a huge fan of Stephen King you surely cannot miss this upcoming movie that will arrive in theaters on 4th August!

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