5+ Death Stranding Fan Art That Will Make You Feel Really Impatient To Play The Next Hideo Kojima Masterpiece!

By Peter Galvagno -04/01/2018

A lot of great news are coming for gamers in 2018, such as the arrival of the mysterious and cryptic PS4 game exclusive Death Stranding and today's news is dedicated of course to some really amazing fan art based on the next Hideo Kojima title that will surely make you feel impatient to play it as soon as possible gamers!

What do we know about Death Stranding so far? Well as many of you already know from trailers released during 2017, The game will be starring big name actors such as Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as the main protagonist, Sam, and Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen as the main villain!

Death Stranding is the first project developed by Kojima Productions since the game designer left Konami in 2015. The title looks and surely feel really ambitious and the marketing team behind it is doing an excellent job keeping the gaming community hyped without spoiling any major details yet!

Mystery is what has inspired artists from all over the world to create amazing paintings based on probably one of the most anticipated video game title ever! Here we go the best fan art Death Stranding on the web!

Sparkly Crow.

Artificial Photography




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