Destiny 2 excites the web!

Peter Galvagno - 01/04/2017

In just 2 days its trailer has gathered more than 10 millions views on youtube and still we have to wait more than 5 months before it will be officially released! Today's viral news gamers is all about the second chapter of one of the best game on 2014 and by far the best MMOFPS ever: Destiny 2!

This time in Destiny sequel you will be involved in a ferocious war against the Red Legion faction of the Cabal leads by the commander Ghaul who, after attacking the Last City, has forced the Guardians to escape from there and now, stripped of their powers, they will have to organize themselves to fight back.

Great news for all PCs enthusiasts as it seems that Destiny 2 this time will be released on PC too alongside PS4 and Xbox One!

The development team promise that Destiny 2 will be even more engaging that its predecessor but before to verify such a bold statement we will have to wait until summer when the Beta multyplayer will be available to download for whoever will pre-order the game. For the official release of Destiny 2 the appointment is scheduled on 8 september!

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