If You Ever Played Donkey Kong In Arcades You'll Definitely Love This Amazing Custom PC!

By Peter Galvagno - 20/12/2017

There was a time when Arcade games were really trendy and whoever got the higher score on a popular title back in the days was considered a true gaming master! Today we go back in time with style with an outstanding custom PC dedicated to the first Donkey Kong!

If you were a kid during the 80's chances are that you were struggling to reach Pauline and save her from the vicious Donkey Kong. Being one of the most successful Arcade title ever, Donkey Kong by Nintendo was released in 1981 and shortly after it became incredibly popular, as well as its 2 main characters, Donkey Kong and the one and only Mario of course!

A combination of retro gaming nostalgia and great PC building skills is what has made this incredible custom computer a reality. Assembled by PC gear company Thermaltake, the Donkey Kong custom PC is a powerful calculator that resemble the first level of the Arcade title with colored liquid coolant representing the classic game's girders and ladders! The custom PC uses a Tower 900 case and it was realized for the Computex event held in Tapei in May 2017 gamers!


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