This Amazing Life-size 'DOOM BFG' Will Blow Your Mind And Your Enemies Too!

By Peter Galvagno - 29/01/2018

Every badass FPS got really masculine, powerful, extremely-dangerous-to-use futuristic weapons and today gamers we are going to review the craziest one among them! Here we go the real life devastating BFG plasma cannon from DOOM!

Released back in 1993 on MS-DOS, the first DOOM was and still is one of a hell FPS video game, literally!
As many of you probably already knows in DOOM you assume the role of a space marine who has to survive through hordes of demons from Hell, after a team of genius scientists opened a portal that allowed them to enter into our dimension of course!

Demons are quite tough enemies to get rid of and any real DOOM fan knows well that there's only one weapon that can get the job done as fast as possible, the huge and scary BFG (Big Fu****ng Gun) 9000! This amazing gun is just a simple and plain plasma energy weapon which utilises ionised Argent Energy that in the universal gaming language can be translated as "one shoot one kill"!
The really handy BFG 9000 now is available as a perfect replica from the original thanks to the amazing work of MyMiniFactory team!
Created for Bethesda in celebration of the the latest DOOM installment, the massive gun is 3D printed and in order to be completed it took more than 20kg of filament and more than 1000 hours of work!


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