DOTA 2 team matchmaking changes everything!

Peter Galvagno - 21/04/2017

The most famous MOBA game has been updated and all its fans went crazy, so much to make the news become viral in just few hours! Today we talk about DOTA 2 Matchmaking update gamers!

Online games have become so popular during the last years that nowadays they count more than 1 billions active users online worldwide and the core of this astounding success is for sure the competitive nature of this genre and the strong identities behind each group of players and the latest DOTA 2 update has been released just for them allowing now to form teams up to 5 players, receiving official MMR grade and upload and show custom logos and banners!

The update fix some bugs from the previous release and an upgraded and more intuitive Hero Picker screen as well! If you are a fanatic of real time strategy online games it's time to call your friends and form the ultimate DOTA team right now!

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