C-18 From Dragon Ball Z Looks Absolutely Amazing In Real Life!

By Peter Galvagno - 19/01/2018

Among gamers there are of course a tons of anime lovers and today we are going to review an outstanding Dragon Ball Z Cosplay that will blow your mind! Here we go the fierce Android C18!

Dragon Ball Z is one of the longest and popular anime series out there and the 90's version of the show, Dragon Ball Z, is still considered the best and the one that revealed to the world the true power of Super Saiyans!

Dragon Ball Z is also famous for having introduced really cool and powerful characters into the anime, beside Goku of course, such as Prince Vegeta, Son Gohan, Trunks, C-17 and C-18!
Speaking about the deadly and beautiful fighting machine C-18, she is one of the most favourite female character of the show and an army of otaku girls dream to be as charming and tough as she is A dream that can become true thanks to the art of cosplay and the beautiful model Roxy Wong has surely put together the best C-18 impersonation with her amazing costume and her perfect makeup!
As an outstanding cosplayer Miss Wong has nailed a lot of characters and if you want to see more of this talented girl don't forget to follow her on Facebook gamers! @princeroxychan


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