The Dragon Priest mask is the ultimate gaming artifact!

95.6K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 05/09/2017

Skyrim universe is full of ancient myths and truths and the the mystery that surrounds the legendary Dragon Priest masks is one of the most famous among the fans of the series. Today's viral news is about this charming artifacts and the artist behind it!

There are 8 different Dragon Masks available and they can be obtained only after defeating their owners, the Dragon Priests. As any other rare item in Skyrim each mask got its unique enchantment and set of abilities as well of course!

The beautiful Dragon Mask we can admire here came to life thanks to the great skills of Tode Sekuloski, a really talented artist who decided just few days ago to carve out of walnut wood the last Dragon Priest mask, the one that gives access to the dragon priest shrine. Another great artistic tribute to the gaming world that manged to capture our eyes and our heart!

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