Dragon Quest XI for 3DS and Ps4 will be sold together in one bundle!

Peter Galvagno - 11/04/2017

The video games industry is one of the most competitive out there and the most powerful video games developers fight each others with better and better games every year and, as incredible as it sounds, 2 huge competitors like Nintendo and Sony seem to have recently join forces to sell the upcoming title Dragon Quest XI not only on the same day for PS4 and 3DS respectively but also in the same box!

Many fans were puzzled. How this could have happened? Sometimes bold marketing strategies can be risky but this time the results have been really positive for both sides considering that the news went viral in just few hours! For the really special occasion the box that will contain both game versions will a valuable collector's specimen as you can see from the photo below:

For all the fan of Dragon Quest saga this rare treasure will be on sale July 29 for 14,960 yen (US$135) and it will be available exclusively on Square Enix’s e-Stores!

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