The Elder Scroll has been found and its predictions will blow you away!

By Peter Galvagno - 12/01/2018

It is one of the best action RPG series ever made and tons of gamers love it. We are obviously talking about The Elder Scrolls franchise and today we are going to show you the ancient artifact that originated everything, the Elder Scroll itself!

Started back in 1994 the Elder Scrolls saga is one of the best video game franchise published by the Bethesda Softworks. Each chapter is set in a fantastic dimension populated by all sort of fairy creatures.

The series count 5 chapters so far and several expansions and spin-offs and all of them have one element in common, the Elder Scrolls, a really important item to the main quest of every game in the series. The scroll itself is housed within a gold cylindrical casing, believed to be Aedric in origin and now, thanks to the wonderful job made by Folkenstal artisans this game treasure in now into our world!
According to the game the scrolls contain records of all past and future events, but they cannot be read without a severe price―madness, blindness, even death. Many believe they were created by the Aedra, but why or when is unknown. A true gaming gem to handle with care gamers but the real prediction here is that Bethesda is scheduling to start the 6th chapter of this amazing series really soon!


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