Fallout graduation cap makes college achievements much more satisfying

41.8K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 11/05/2017

keeping track of achievements in life can be hard sometimes, especially for gamers that are used to know always exactly what to do and how far they are from their goals. If you are a student having hard time in college today's viral news will for sure boost your confidence! Here's for you the coolest graduation cap ever!

Posted on reddit just few hours ago by user Kirata this funny picture took in no time the attention of thousands of people showing a graduation cap inspired by Fallout franchise where +1 INT is added while -35,000 Caps are lost! Pretty neat!

Due the great success of this idea we are pretty sure that the trend could become viral soon and we are also hoping that gamification will soon be part of our education system as proven by Science the best method to keep students motivation high over a long period of time. It is high time for gamers to take over!

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