Tifa Lockhart Looks Still Amazing Even 21 Years After From FF VII!

By Peter Galvagno - 11/01/2018

Some games just cannot be forgotten and of course the majestic Final Fantasy VII is one of those games. Today's viral news is dedicated to the most iconic female character from the Japanese RPG gamers, Miss Tifa Lockhart!

As incredible as it sounds, it was 21 years ago when Final Fantasy VII came out on PSX and changed the gaming world forever.

Still considered nowadays the best RPG ever made, Final Fantasy VII got really everything. A wonderful appealing story, immersive gameplay, cool and badass characters and a dark and psychological complex villain of course!

Each Final Fantasy VII characters has a very detailed background story that make them feel even more real and likeable such as the ex-soldier Cloud Strife, the eco-terrorist group leader Barret Wallace and of course the rebel bartender Tifa Lockhart.

The amazing cosplay you can admire here gamers has been nailed by the sexy model Hana Bunny from San Jose, California, and her resemblance with Tifa as you can see is absolutely outstanding!

The upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake will let us admiring the newest version of Tifa really soon and we hope that at Square-Enix they have taken Hana as inspiration for the character as well!


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