The Final Fantasy cosplay that will completely blow you away!

97.4K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 28/09/2017

Cosplay makes everything better and when a beautiful woman do it right the results are just spectacular! Today viral news gamers is all about a lifelike cosplay of the gorgeous and lethal Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII!

Released back in 2010, Final Fantasy XIII was and still is the title that managed to split the fans of the storic Japanese RPG series in 2. The game has received both good and bad reviews, especially because of the new features introduced in the battle system that not all gamers appreciated back in the days.

Final Fantasy XIII also introduced the first female protagonist in the franchise, Miss Claire Farron, also known as Lighting! Being one of the most famous video game character among ladies, it comes as no surprise that Lighting cosplay is one of the most popular around and one big fan of her has nailed it this time as you can see from the photos above!
Her nickname is Neko-tin and she is a Russian cosplayer and artist from Kaliningrad! Her works are pretty famous and she a star in the world of cosplayers. The photos were taken by professional photographer Pavel Tarbaev and if you wanna see more of this stunning talented model you can follow her on her instagram here: @ne_kotin

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