Scum's Wish: Love & Pain

Peter Galvagno - 29/01/2017

Being a teenager can be really difficult sometimes but all the pain and sorrow of the first time expiriences are what make a youngester an adult and forge his/her personality.
The teen years have been the subjects of many successful tv-shows during the years but the way they depicted teenagers really has been way too soft than most of us have truly expirienced in high school but finally, from the land of Anime, a great series has just arrived and finally it tells what being a teenagers is really like.

Scum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) is the latest romance anime masterpiece that follows the story of seventeen years old students Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka, a perfect couple on the surfice that hide a secrect.
Both teen are in love with different people and both of them use the other one as "substitute" for the impossibility to live their true love story.

Soon the couple will face the truth in a deep and incredibly well directed story that shows up the fragile world of teenagers.

Awkward sex scenes among protagonists make the atmosphere even more realistic and depressing in a story where lies and introspection are the main ingridients.
One of the best Anime out there right now that has already hooked up millions of viewers and it won't disappoint you at all if you are into psychological Anime. Scum's Wish can be watched on Amazon Anime Strike.

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