This VR headset will make you feel like we are living in the future!

94.5K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 17/09/2017

The future is now and that's especially true when we are talking about advances in gaming technology and we all know that VR is leading the way toward amazing new expiriences! We are just at the beginning of the Virtual Reality revolution and today we are going to talk about what this new media is going to look like gamers!

VR is going to be huge and if you do not believe it already you have to know that according to market researches the global revenue linked to VR industry is going to increase amazingly in the next few years, from the actual $4.9B of 2017 to approximately $37.7B in 2020!

VR hasn't really shown any of its true potential yet and as incredibly as it sounds it is still in a primitive stage, especially when you realize how terrible the design of the hardware is! Luckly for us talented designers such as Heejin Youn have decided to step in and contribute to shape the future of this amazing new technology creating the amazing VR glasses prototype we can admire today called "MILD"! Another example that reminds us all that technology advancement and the pursuit of beauty should and must follow the same path, always.

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