This Model Is So Perfect In Her Kait Diaz Cosplay From Gears Of War 4 That You Won't Notice Any Difference Between The Two!

By Peter Galvagno - 09/01/2018

Who said that women cannot look really badass and feminine at the same time? If you ever had any doubt about it today's viral news will change your mind forever. Here we go the most realistic Gears Of War 4 Cosplay ever gamers!
Being one of the most successful video games francise exclusive on XBox gaming systems, Gears Of War series is for sure one if not the best 3rd person shooter known to man!

Devastating weapons, vicious aliens and a post apocalyptic world don't suit a lovely lady so much but when the lady is Miss Kait Diaz, well, things can change drastically.
Kait was taught how to shoot and fight from her uncle Oscar while she received an informal education through salvaged books that her father had saved from the libraries of Montevado and Ilima before the two cities were utterly destroyed during the Locust War. Someone you wouldn't like to mess with for sure!

Now, thanks to her amazing cosplay skills and her physical resemblance with the female Gears Of War 4 character, model Alanah Pearce has managed to bring the outsider warrior to life and as you can see from the photos above she surely nailed it! If you wanna see more of this lovely cosplayer don't forget to follow her on Instagram! @charalanahzard


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