This Very Friendly And Funny Potato PC Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today!

By Peter Galvagno - 23/01/2018

Sometimes looks can be deceiving and if you are a fan of the amazing Portal series you know that very well! Today gamers we are going to show you a Potato PC that once used to be much bigger and scarier than a mere tuber!

Released back in 2007, the outstanding Portal by Valve is hands down the best puzzle game adventure based on physics! You take on the role of Chell, a young woman trapped within the Aperture Science complex.
Chell is forced to solve tests of varying difficulty in chambers designed by an AI-gone-rogue named GLaDOS.
The tests are designed to be solved by using the coolest device ever, the ultra futuristic Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, a gun able to open portals that act as gates between each other!

In Portal 2, released in 2011, the story take place 20 years after the first chapter and this time Chell is helped by a tiny and funny spheric robot named Wheatley that will help her to escape from the evil GlaDos and her deadly tests. After the 2 of them manage to fight back GlaDos, Wheatley decides to trap GLaDOS into a potato battery and throwing her into the depths of the Enrichment Center alongside Chell, becoming the new antagonist of the game!

The Potato GlaDos is surely an icon of gaming and the perfect replica we can admire here gamers has been manufactured by Mr. Will Cobb from WillPowerProps.
As a perfect replica of the game's original, this gaming treasure is completely handmade by combining cast urethane resin, 3D printed parts, and lights.
If you are interested in this amazing Portal memorabilia you can always add one to your personal collection by visiting Will's Etsy page here gamers! WillPowerProps


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