This God of War PS4 controller is the most badass gaming gadget ever!

34.2K Shares - Peter Galvagno - 24/August/2017

The true power is the mind and when the mind is also full of talent great things can happen such as this incredible viral gaming news gamers! Coming from an ancient time here have the God of War controller!

An incredible action game series such as God of War deserve incredible tributes as well and thanks to the wonderful work of artist Devin Smith now an outstanding custom PS4 controller based on Kratos adventures is among us!

The controller is a true masterpiece as not only it is completely hand-painted but it is also covered with true leather and what makes it really magical are the runes carved in the rear as they can become absolutely suggestive in the dark thanks to the led light that goes through them! It would be really amazing if this controller could be available with the next chapter of God of War coming on PS4 next year!

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