HANDLE: The robot that will change the future

Peter Galvagno - 29/01/2017

The world of technology never really stops to amaze us and if you are into advance robotics as we are you will for sure be blown away by the latest creation of Google's robot develoment division BostonDynamics that is making the future even closer. We present you HANDLE.

HANDLE robot combines 2 feature that makes it really unique. As a matter of fact Google's robot is the first one to take advantage of legs and wheels at the same time.

The wheel mounted on the HANDLE robot allow the machine to roll around at speeds of up to nine miles per hour while its legs allow it to carry weights up to 50kg.

Thanks to this double features HANDLE not only is much more efficient than its predecessors, Spot and BigDog, but represent a huge step forward in robot manufacturing as, with a less complex structure, HANDLE can be assembled in less time at a lower cost too.
Now we invite you watch the actual footage of HANDLE in action, something that has frightened a lot of people so far so we ask you: Are you ready for a future handled by robots?

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